Industrial static and dynamic weighing scales for heavy-duty applications.

airport baggage scales

Airport Baggage Scales

Airport baggage scales play an essential role in air travel, whether for work, vacation, or other purposes. Airport baggage scales became necessary to ensure that passengers’ luggage safely transports on the flight. These scales come equipped with an industrial-grade conveyor belt and a weighing indicator that accurately measures the weight of the luggage up to 150 kg with an overload capacity of up to 500 kg. An additional option for extending the display to the passenger is also available to make the weighing process more transparent. With these advanced scales, airports can ensure passengers’ luggage weighing is accurate and hassle-free.

airport baggage scales
airport baggage scales
Luggage Loading
In Motion Weighing
Static Weighing

table top scales

Tabletop Scales

Overall, Tabletop scales have become essential for industries that need to weigh items accurately and efficiently. Furthermore, these scales’ advanced microcontroller design and high-quality load cells provide high accuracy. Additionally, with multiple weighing units, including grams, kilograms, and pounds, users can easily switch between units depending on their specific needs. Other features, such as a power-saving mode, an integrated rechargeable battery pack, and a convenient printer connection, add even more practicality to these scale models. The backlit LCD screen makes operation easy, while the overload indicator display and 100% tare facility provide additional peace of mind. Indeed, with an easily removable weighing pan, these scales are a practical choice for any business or personal use.

Industrial Tabletop Scales

ohaus table top scales



The Ohaus Ranger series | Effective and efficient industrial tabletop scale for various applications in short. Moreover, with its seven application modes, this compact scale has become versatile and suitable for various industrial weighing needs. Indeed, its portability and rechargeable battery make it convenient for use throughout the factory. Overall, the Ranger series stand out as a tabletop scale in its class and has various functions and features.

table top scale

VALOR Series


The Ohaus Valor Series | High-performance tabletop scale designed for harsh and also wet workplace conditions. Moreover, it sets a new industry standard with its winning combination of speed and durability. The Valor tabletop scale features large LED front and rear displays, food safety, and puncture-resistant keypads in stainless steel and plastic housing designs. This makes it the premier choice for dry or washdown environments, providing exceptional value.

Maximum Capacity6 lb (3 kg)15lb (6 kg)30lb (15 kg)60 lb (30 kg)
Readability0.001 lb (0.5 g)0.002 lb (1 g)0.005 lb (2 g)0.01 lb (5 g)
bench scales

Bench Scales

A bench scale, also referred to as a bench-top scale or compact scale, is a small weighing device designed for use on a workbench, countertop, or limited space. These user-friendly scales provide fast, straightforward bench scales for various environments and industries. They can be equipped with features such as parts counting, check weighing, or percentage weighing. Additionally, bench scales can be IP rated to offer protection against liquid or solid ingress.

Industrial Bench Scales

bench scales

Ranger 4000


Introducing our durable, compact scales, designed to withstand the toughest industrial weighing environments.

R41ME36 lb (3 kg)0.0002 lb (0.1 g)
R41ME615 lb (6 kg)0.0005 lb (0.2 g)
R41ME1530 lb (15 kg)0.001 lb (0.5 g)
R41ME3060 lb (30 kg)0.002 lb (1 g)

bench scales

Ranger 3000


Enhanced Bench Scales for Industrial Weighing Applications

R31P15023 lb (1.5 kg)0.0001 lb (0.05 g)
R31P36 lb (3 kg)0.0002 lb (0.1 g)
R31P615 lb (6 kg)0.0005 lb (0.2 g)
R31P1530 lb (15 kg)0.001 lb (0.5 g)
R31P3060 lb (30 kg)0.002 lb (1 g)

table top

Valor 7000


Increase productivity and efficiently manage demanding applications with this versatile and multi-functional scale.

V71P1502T3 lb (1.5 kg)0.0001 lb (0.05 g)
V71P3T6 lb (3 kg)0.0002 lb (0.1 g)
V71P6T15 lb (6 kg)0.0005 lb (0.2 g)
V71P15T30 lb (15 kg)0.001 lb (0.5 g)
V71P30T60 lb (30 kg)0.002 lb (1 g)


Valor 4000


Introducing our high-performance, legal-for-trade food scale, specifically designed for harsh and wet workplace conditions.

V41XWE1501T3 lb (1.5 kg)0.0005 lb (0.2 g)
V41PWE1501T3 lb (1.5 kg)0.0005 lb (0.2 g)
V41XWE3T6 lb (3 kg)0.001 lb (0.5 g)
V41PWE3T6 lb (3 kg)0.001 lb (0.5 g)
V41XWE6T15 lb (6 kg)0.002 lb (1 g)
V41PWE6T15 lb (6 kg)0.002 lb (1 g)
V41XWE15T30 lb (15 kg)0.005 lb (2 g)
V41PWE15T30 lb (15 kg)0.005 lb (2 g)

food scale

Valor 3000


Introducing a rugged, full stainless steel design on a highly efficient and portable scale.

V31XH2020.44 lb (200 g)0.00005 lb (0.01 g)
V31XH4020.88 lb (400 g)0.00005 lb (0.01 g)
V31XW3010.66 lb (300 g)0.0005 lb (0.1 g)
V31X5011.1 lb (500 g)0.0005 lb (0.1 g)
V31XH24.4 lb (2 kg)0.0005 lb (0.1 g)
V31XW36.6 lb (3 kg)0.005 lb (1 g)
V31X36.6 lb (3 kg)0.002 lb (0.5 g)
V31X3N6.6 lb (3 kg)0.0005 lb (0.1 g)
V31XH48.8 lb (4 kg)0.0005 lb (0.1 g)
V31XW613.22 lb (6 kg)0.005 lb (1 g)
V31X613.22 lb (6 kg)0.005 lb (1 g)
V31X6N13.22 lb (6 kg)0.005 lb (1 g)
crane scales

Crane Scales

Crane scales have become an ideal solution for industrial applications that involve lifting and weighing in detail. Specifically designed for robust factory environments, these crane scales offer high accuracy while maintaining a compact design. Our scales have a weighing capacity of up to 20,000kg (20 Tonnes), another key point for heavy weighing. Moreover, comes fully calibrated with certificates, proof testing, and safety testing to ensure precision and accuracy. With an integrated hook and top ring, crane weighers not only integrate seamlessly but also mimic the function of the crane hook, allowing for easy accommodation of slings, shackles, and other lifting tackle.

Reliable Yubo Crane Scale YCS 10 Tons

Get precision readings explicitly with the 10-ton crane scale from Reliable. Indeed, this heavy-duty lifting and weighing solution is designed for accuracy and reliability, helping you get the job done right.

Max Capacity: 10000 kg (10 tons)

Readability: 2 kg

5 ton crane scales

YCS 5 Tons

Our 5 tons crane scales have a structure in particular for weighing heavy-duty industrial materials. Moreover, these scales feature a rugged and durable enclosure and a clear seven-segment display.

Max Capacity: 5000 kg (5 tons)

Readability: 2 kg

3 ton crane scales

YCS 3 Tons

Get precision readings with attention to the 3 tons crane scale from Reliable. Indeed, these scales provide heavy-duty lifting and weighing solutions. Furthermore, high accuracy and reliability help you get the job done right.

Max Capacity: 3000 kg (3 tons)

Readability: 1 kg

Crane Scales 200 / 500 / 1000 Kg

Introducing our high-quality 500 kg scale, specifically designed for weighing industrial materials.

Max Capacity: 500 kg (0.5 ton)

Readability: 0.1 kg

ScaleWeighing CapacityReadibility
CS 200200 kg500 g
CS 500500 kg1 kg
CS 10001000 kg2 kg

pallet weighing trolleys

Pallet Scales

The pallet trolley scales have become a commonly utilized tool in the logistics industry. It serves the dual purpose of lifting materials and verifying their weight simultaneously. Furthermore, integrating weighing load cells and indicator displays into the pallet jack scale has eliminated the requirement for an additional weighing platform.

pallet trolley scales 2 ton

Pallet Trolley Scales PTS | 2000kg or 2ton

For those needing a solution to weigh pallets easily, look no further than pallet trolley scales. Indeed, these innovative scales offer a weight capacity of up to 2000kg or 2 tons, making it easy to weigh even the heaviest loads. Moreover, these trolley design allows for simple transportation and weighing all in one without lifting or manipulating each item on the pallet individually. This can save time and effort while ensuring accurate weight readings for your inventory or shipping needs. Invest in a pallet trolley scale today so that heavy items on pallets don’t’ slow you down.

pallet truck scales 1.5 ton

PTS | 1500kg or 1.5ton

  • Pallet truck scale coupled with universal functions
  • Nylon or polyurethane load wheels
  • 6-digit LCD with backlight
  • Weighing operations include tare, counting, totalizing, and automatic return to zero.
  • Battery capacity for about 25 operating hours, additionally
  • Factory-calibrated weighing system
  • These pallet trolley scales can do simple jobs like calculating total and tare weight.

Max Capacity1500 kg or 1.5 tons2000 kg or 2 tons2500 kg or 2.5 tons
Division0.5 kg or 500 g0.5 kg or 500 g1 kg or 1000 g
Fork Length1150 mm1150 mm1150 mm
Interior Width180 mm180 mm180 mm
Pallet Width180 mm180 mm180 mm
In short, these pallet trolley scales serve as a time-efficient solution for major industries. Instead of keeping a platform weighing scale and trolleys, end-users can opt for the all-in-all solution. Moreover, these scales have the ability to sum up pallets without removing the initial weight.

Platform Scales

Ohaus Platform weighing scales for quality and accurate measurements in detail. These scales specialize in various applications, including general weighing and simple counting in detail. Moreover, it covers areas such as production, packaging, warehouse, inventory, shipping, and receiving. Furthermore, Defender 3000 Series features a rugged tubular steel base with overload stops and a durable stainless steel pan. With its dependability, this series provides a solution for weighing applications that require accuracy within a limited budget.

ohaus defender platform weighing scales

Defender 3000 D31 Platform Scales


Ohaus Defender 3000 platform scales are designed for highly accurate weighing materials. They feature a stainless steel pan and a robust metal structure, securely fixed with precision load cells.

D31P15BR15,000 g (15 kg)2 g
D31P30BR30,000 g (30 kg)5 g
D31P60BR60,000 g (60 kg)10 g
D31P150BL150,000 g (150 kg)20 g
D31P300BX300,000 g (300 kg)50 g

ohaus D32 platform scales

Defender 3000 D32 Platform Scales


Ohaus Defender 3000 Series platform scales meet the basic industrial requirements for dry applications. These scales are designed for general weighing and simple counting applications in various areas. Which includes production, packaging, warehouse, inventory, shipping, and receiving.

D32PE30B2R130 kg5 g
D32PE60B2L260 kg10 g
D32PE60B2R160 kg10 g
D32PE150B2L2150 kg20 g
D32PE150B2X2150 kg20 g
D32PE300B2V3300 kg50 g
D32PE300B2X2300 kg50 g
D32PE600B2V3600 kg100 g

platform washdown scales

Defender 3000 Washdown Scales


Ohaus Defender 3000 Washdown Platform Scales specializes in basic industrial washdown applications. Known as an ideal solution for general weighing, simple counting, and check weighing.

D33XW15C1R630 lb (15 kg)0.005 lb (2 g)
D33XW30C1R660 lb (30 kg)0.01 lb (5 g)
D33XW75C1R6150 lb (75 kg)0.02 lb (10 g)
D33XW75C1L7150 lb (75 kg)0.02 lb (10 g)
D33XW150C1L7300 lb (150 kg)0.05 lb (20 g)
D33XW150C1X7300 lb (150 kg)0.05 lb (20 g)
D33XW300C1X7600 lb (300 kg)0.1 lb (50 g)

Defender 2000 Platform Scales


Ohaus Defender 2000 Series of platform scales provides unmatched accuracy for commercial and industrial weighing applications, all at an affordable price.

D24PE30FR30 kg5 g
D24PE60FR60 kg10 g
D24PE60FL60 kg10 g
D24PE150FL150 kg20 g
D24PE150FX150 kg20 g
D24PE300FX300 kg50 g
D24PE300FV300 kg50 g
D24PE600FV600 kg100 g

floor scales

Floor Scales

Floor scales specialize to weigh heavy goods or objects in major industries. These scales are capable of measuring weight in both pound and kilogram units. This scale features high capacity, large size, low profile design, and heavy-duty construction. Due to their robust nature, these scales find extensive use in various industrial and logistics sectors. Floor scales have become an alternative solution for pallet scales in the shipping industry.

Industrial Heavy Duty Floor Scales

Floor scales | VN Series

ohaus steel floor scales


These painted steel scales have become economical for basic industrial applications.

VN5000L5,000 lb (2,200 kg)1 lb (0.5 kg)
VN5000X5,000 lb (2,200 kg)1 lb (0.5 kg)
VN31P5000L5,000 lb (2,200 kg)1 lb (0.5 kg)
VN31P5000X5,000 lb (2,200 kg)1 lb (0.5 kg)

Defender Drum Scales


Introducing the Ohaus Defender Drum Scales – the ultimate solution for efficient and portable requirements. With its convenient design, this scale offers superior capacity and portability to provide all sizes of floor weighing scales.

DFD32M500ES500 lb (250 kg)0.1 lb (0.05 kg)
DFD32M1000ES1,000 lb (500 kg)0.2 lb (0.1 kg)
DFD32M1000ER1,000 lb (500 kg)0.2 lb (0.1 kg)
DFD32M2500ES2,500 lb (1,250 kg)0.5 lb (0.2 kg)
DFD32M2500ER2,500 lb (1,250 kg)0.5 lb (0.2 kg)

Heavy duty Floor Scales

buy floor weighing scales


Industrial grade floor scales platform with checkered plates for weighing heavy-duty material.

1000mm x 1000mm2000 lb (1000 kg)100 g (0.1 kg)
1200mm x 1200mm6,000 lb (3,000 kg)0.2 lb (0.1 kg)
1500mm x 1500mm10,000 lb (5,000 kg)500 g (0.5 kg)
2000mm x 1500mm10,000 lb (5,000 kg)1000 g (1 kg)