Control System

with Electrical/Electronic Panel

The Control System with an Electrical/Electronic Panel is a customized control box for controlling existing conveyors.

Uptime Advantage

Compact design for mounting under the conveyor system with required I/O control.


  • PLC Based Logic Control
  • MS Body with Powder coated.
  • Electrical panel design as per Industrial Standards
  • Bi-directional air cooling
  • Multiple Input/Output controls
  • Electrical panel design as per Industrial Standards
  • Designed to withstand tough production line environments.
  • Wall/floor mounting designed.

product diverting station
General Architecture

Parameter description
Control System with Electrical/Electronic Panel • PLC-based Controller
• Electrical Standard wiringable high-resolution lens with minimum distortion is provided based on camera model.
Embedded I/O controller with embedded software •  I/O Controller – Processing and controlling hardware signal and communicating with software; this controller integrates with sensor electrical/electronic parts.
•  I/O Communication
Material of Construction • Covers – SS304
External communications • RS232, Ethernet, USB
Operating temperature • 5°-40°C
Power supply • 230 Volt AC, single phase with MCB for protection

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