The wires and cables industry requires high speed marking for long messages. Our coding solutions can print small characters onto products like fiber optic cables even in colour using pigmented inks. Thus, our coders are widely used for meter marking applications. The extrusion industry requires flexibility with the ability to code on a wide range of substrates produced.

With an easy to use interface and message creation and edit options, you can increase production uptime and reduce operator error. Reliable traceability can be achieved with our effective coding solutions customizable to meet your production requirement at high speeds. Code part details, part name, logo, graphics, as well are QR codes, barcodes, and data matrix codes in precise locations. Our coding machines ensure accurate changeovers, reduce scrappage, and are easy to use. These features make them ideal for the even the extrusion industry.

Meet international regulations and standards with ease, with our quick and easy to change codes. These precise codes can also be used for meter marking on wires/cables. Robust and legible codes can be marked on a range of materials irrespective of the substrate colour. Pigmented inks can standout on darker substrates. For more permanency, the Linx laser coder proves to be a viable option. Thus, Linx coders provide a durable print/code at high speeds. These codes do not fade when stored or used, meeting the requirements of the wire and cables industry efficiently. The Linx versatile coding range caters to all your production requirements.

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