Weighbridge Accessories

Weighbridge components are essential for accurate weight measurements in the industrial sector. Which is why we supply a complete range of weighbridge electronic components. Our products include peripherals such as Weighing Display Indicator, Load Cell, Junction Box, and External Display (Repeater), ensuring that our clients have everything they require to achieve accurate and precise weight measurements. Reliable equipment is fully compatible with any weighbridge truck scale, making it easy for you to integrate and use. Our Weighbridge Management system adds convenience and efficiency to our services, ensuring seamless integration with new and existing weighbridges. At Reliable Industrial Group, we pride ourselves on delivering quality and reliable weighbridge solutions to our clients throughout the industrial sector.

Accurately measuring the weight of vehicles and their loads is crucial in many industries. To achieve this, a weighbridge utilizes various components that work together seamlessly. The load cells are the primary component that measures the vehicle’s weight. The signals from the load cells go to the junction box, which aggregates and filters the data before sending it to the indicator or computer. The ramp is also essential as it supports the vehicle while measuring the weight. Provides weigh tickets with the help of the integrated printer. Lastly, the power supply provides electricity to all the components. Understanding these components is crucial in selecting the most appropriate weighbridge for your business needs.

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    weighbridge indicator

    Weighing Indicator – Weighbridge Component

    As industries continue to seek more precise ways of measuring weight, weighbridge indicators have become vital components for manufacturing and logistics. Tabletop and panel weighing indicators are two of the most common options, offering unique features and performance capabilities. Tabletop weighing indicators are compact and easy to use. On the other hand, we also have panel weighbridge indicators designed for more complex weighing tasks. Also, it features larger displays and advanced connectivity options. Whichever type of weighing indicator your business requires, investing in this technology can improve your accuracy, efficiency, and profitability.

    Load Cells Transducers

    Load cells are highly precise weighing transducer’s most important weighbridge component that plays a vital role in many industries. The physical force of an object converts into a measurable electrical signal with the help of a load cell. We recommend using compression-type load cells in applications where the vertical load is applicable. In contrast, tensile-type load cells measure forces involved in horizontal order. Most of them choose shear beam load cells for industrial applications because they handle many loads. With their accuracy and reliability, load cells have become essential in food processing, pharmaceuticals, and manufacturing industries.

    Junction Box

    Junction Box for Load Cells

    In the world of large-scale weighing systems, accuracy is everything. That’s why multiple load cell results in precise measurements. But with multiple load cells comes the need for efficient communication and output. This is where the Junction Box is the needed weighbridge component. Acting as a Summing Box for transducers or load cells, the Junction Box consolidates the signals from each load cell and provides a trimmed output, making it an essential component in any weighing system. With its accurate and efficient communication ability, the Junction Box is a must-have for any complex weighing system.

    weighing repeater

    Repeater External Display – Weighbridge Component

    For weighbridges, having a reliable and accurate weight indicator display is crucial. But what happens when that display is not easily visible from a distance? That’s where the repeater display comes in – a large digit display for remote locations to provide weight readings in real-time. These displays communicate with the primary weight indicator, ensuring the accuracy of the data captured. Additionally, electronic messaging boards conveniently display operational messages alongside weight readings. With highly efficient LEDs, these remote displays ensure that the weight readings are always visible, even in low-light conditions. Overall, a large-digit repeater display comes under essential weighbridge accessories, resulting in accurate and reliable weight readings.

    Loadcell cable

    Load Cell Cables for Signal Communication

    When connecting load cells to weighing electronics, the most needed weighbridge component is the signal cable. The type of cable and connection used can significantly impact accuracy and performance. Some may wonder whether a parallel or serial connection is best, but depending on the application and system requirements, someone can use both. An eight-wire load cell cable, including excitation, signal lines, and sense lines, transmits accurate signals in even the most demanding conditions. By utilizing these high-quality cables, businesses can ensure reliable and precise readings, improving overall efficiency and accuracy.

    weighbridge software

    Weighbridge Software for Data Management

    The need for reliable data management and system integration across multiple applications is crucial in the industrial world. At this place, weighbridge software comes in handy. It is a powerful weighing and computing system capable of extracting, collecting, and processing extensive data. The software provides single or multiple weighbridge applications. It also has features such as CCTV image capture, RFID integration, and barrier gate integration. It makes weighbridge software an ideal solution that monitors and stores data and provides a comprehensive solution for weighing activities in an industrial facility.