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Reliable Group has been established since 2002 and is an organization with an experienced and highly competent team in the region. We have more than 200 years of combined experience and a team of highly self-motivated and factory-trained engineers. To facilitate the diverse scope of the industrial sector in the Middle East, Reliable Group expanded into multiple divisions, each one specializing in a specific industry sector and providing turnkey solutions with complete management.

 Reliable Industrial Equipment Co. LLC

 Weighbridge – Truck Scale

Designing and manufacturing of weighbridge/truck scale of any size and capacity according to the customer’s requirement. This innovative spirit makes us the best-customized weighbridge supplier in the Middle East. Our weighbridges are suitable for any environment with a range of standard sizes from 3×6 meters to 6×25 meters and capacity from 10 ton to 250 ton, both pit as well as surface mount.

     Weighing Equipment & Spares

A product line consisting of almost all types of weighing equipment for static, dynamic and control weighing applications. Covers an enormous scope of supply of weighing scales, from high precision balances to heavy-duty platform scales in industrial, commercial as well as in the retail sector. Assisting the growth of the industry in every dimension across the Middle East

 Reliable Calibration & Measurements Laboratory

Calibration of Weighing Equipment from 1mg to 120 Ton Capacity

ISO 17025:2017 Accredited Calibration and Measurements Lab
Accredited from  Emirates International Accreditation Centre (EIAC)
Certificate No: LB-CAL-043

 Reliable Steel Structures Manufacturing LLC

 Reliable Industrial Coding & Marking Systems Co. LLC

Date Coding

Leading supplier and service provider of date coding and marking systems. Offers a comprehensive range of products and consumables in major industries for date coding, batch coding, labelling, corporate branding, operational marking, and legal compliance.

     Case Coding

Industrial case coding solutions for printing variable alphanumeric data, barcodes, high-resolution text, number, and graphical logo directly onto corrugated shipping containers, cardboard boxes, cartons and cases at the time of product packaging.

     2D Coding – QR Codes

2D coding solutions for printing QR code, Data Matrix Code (2 Dimensional Barcodes). Significantly 2D codes are more traceable compared to barcodes as they can hold more data.

 Reliable Scales & Equipment Services

ESMA – (Emirates Authority for Standardization and Metrology) authorized service center for repair and maintenance of a complete range of weighing equipment.
Certificate No: 19-03-11061/E19-02-000409

 Reliable Electronic Equipment Company


We provide a complete range of weighing solutions for industrial commercial as well as the retail sector. Our product line consists of almost all types of weighing equipment to suit customers requirement. Acknowledging the growing market in the Middle East, we understand the importance of weighing and measuring equipment in most industries. Consistent accuracy is a necessity of any weighing equipment, even little inconsistency in measurement can result in losses of several hundred kilograms worth of material every day. We offer a wide range of weighing equipment and load cells of the best quality and various eminent brands. Reliable also provides complete repair and maintenance services with the most competent team of highly trained engineers and technicians.

  • Reliable Industrial Equipment Co LLC
Static Weighing

Our diverse scope covers manual as well as automatic weighing systems, for different kinds of products and applications. Furthermore, we integrate our  weighing scales and other equipment according to the technical requirements of the client. Suitable for products like Big-bag, bags, silos, etc. used for dosing in reactors, mixers and any other type of equipment which requires the addition of multiple products.

Dynamic Weighing

Fast and accurate solutions based on high accuracy digital load cells. These systems are used where the weighing is in motion and continuous. Reliable offers and supports dynamic weighing applications such as check weigher, belt weighing, catch weighing and weigh feeder.


Reliable specializes in manufacturing and implementation of all kind of weighbridges in surface mount and pit mount in concrete, deck type or steel deck type as standard as well as portable design. We offer weighbridge of any capacity; however, our standard weighbridges are up to 120 ton in any customized sizes. Our designs are robust, and the system has ease of operation even under most harsh conditions. The mounting and installation process of the weighing system is executed by our expert mounting team by using certified tools and instruments under high safety conditions.


Our supply range also covers special scales for industrial automation and other control weighing & dynamic weighing solutions. In addition to the above mentioned we supply inspection equipment like metal detectors and moisture balance.
Analytical Balance Precision Balance Counting Scales
Price Computing Scales Bench Scales Platform Scales
Crane Scales Floor Scale Check Weigh
Medical Scales Weigh Pads Horse Weighing Scales
Tank Weighing Systems Belt Weighing Systems Batching Automation Systems
In-Motion Axle Weighing Systems Rail Car Weighing System Load Cells
Mechanical Scales Weighing Indicators, Many more…
Reliable specializes in supply and services of Weighbridge Scale. At Reliable we provide all types of weighbridges:
Steel Deck Weighbridge Pit Type Weighbridge Pit Less Weighbridge
Portable Weighbridge Concrete Deck Weighbridge Axle Weighing Pads
Reliable undertakes repair services and annual maintenance contracts for all makes and model of weighing equipment. We hold total standard spares parts for backup and emergency break downs. Our service team has an excellent reputation in the industry for providing an all-encompassing service to our customers with cost effective solutions.

Understand customer requirements/issues

Provide the best solution with a competitive price

Provide excellent service as promised

  • Reliable_Industrial_Coding_Marking_System


Reliable Industrial Coding & Marking Systems provides a complete solution for all kinds of industrial coding and marking requirements. Reliable is the sole distributor of Linx continuous inkjet (CIJ) printers, thermal transfer overprinters (TTO), Laser Codersfluids, parts and service in the United Arab Emirates and the Sultanate of Oman. Linx is well known in the international market for its best date and case coding printers which include continuous inkjet, laser coding, and thermal transfer printers. Linx products provide us with the versatility and ability to integrate into production lines of a wide variety of industries like food, dairy, beverage, tobacco, packaging, cosmetics, cables, wires, electronics, pharmaceuticals, automotive, and many more.

With increasing government regulations worldwide, the demand for product packaging identification is on the rise. Manufacturers need to code and print dates (production and expiry date printing), manufacturing lots, batch codes, etc. on product packaging. At Reliable we are determined to create a special niche in the market place by offering a diversity of product lines to meet the most basic of needs. Our philosophy is to make life simpler for our customers by offering customized systems integrated with any production line with superior technical service that is, without question, unmatched by any alternative supplier. When you place your business with Reliable you can be certain of the quality, reliability and high performance of the equipment. We have an experienced team of service engineers to provide quick service 24 x 7. We ensure customer satisfaction with our unquestionable integrity, perseverance, and hard work.

Continuous Inkjet printer (CIJ) for coding & marking

Non – contact printing method where up to 120,000 electrically charged droplets of ink are expelled every second from a printhead nozzle to form a character or pattern. Printing takes place as the product moves on the production line.

Thermal Transfer Overprinter (TTO)

Thermal Transfer Overprinters are used for coding on to flexible packaging films and self -adhesive labels. They operate utilizing a high-resolution thermal printhead, which melts the wax and /or resin-based ink from a very thin thermal transfer ribbon coating onto the substrate to be printed.

Laser Coder

CO2 laser technology marks products by producing intense pulses of light which are deflected to form characters. Coding is achieved by removing material or a coating from the product or packaging, or by changing the surface of the substrate

Case Coder (High-Resolution Printing)

Linx utilizes both piezo and thermal inkjet in a range of printers to deliver ideal cost-effective solutions to your outer case coding requirements. Both technologies create droplets of ink upon demand, piezo utilizes piezo-ceramic crystal to eject drops of ink, whilst thermal inkjet rapidly heats the ink creating a bubble that pushes out a droplet of ink onto the substrate.

Date Coder | Case Coder | Bottle Coder | Dairy Coder | Expiry Date | MFD Date | QR Code | 2D Code | Batch Coder | Laser Marking | Date printing machine

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Reliable has been authorized by ESMA (Emirates Authority For Standardization and Metrology) for weighing – repair and maintenance services.

Our quality services have made us one of the best service providers in the Middle East. Legal with government regulation and compliance, our advanced repairs firstly make your components more efficient. And secondly, it provides you with significant shop visit savings. We follow efficient technology-based repair procedures and have development and operations centres to increase yields and decrease costs.


Reliable Calibration & Measurement Laboratory has obtained ISO 17025:2017 accreditation from Emirates International Accreditation Centre (EIAC). Our diverse calibration scope covers:

Mass & Balance (Accredited)

Weighing Scale Weighbridge Hopper Scale Tank Scale
Batching Plant Test Weight Belt Scale Check Weigher
Hanging Scale Crane Scale Pallet Scale Silo

Our environmentally controlled lab is sophistically equipped to offer fast turnaround on most jobs. Onsite service is also available.

ILAC (International Laboratory Accreditation Cooperation) has developed a MRA (Mutual Recognition Agreement) for international cooperation between agencies to promote the acceptance of accredited test and calibration results around the globe. Similarly, our accredited calibration certificate are valid worldwide. Along with ISO 17025:2017, we are also ISO 9001:2015 certified. In other words, it makes our customers more confident and reliable on our calibration services.

Reliable has been authorized by ESMA (Emirates Authority For Standardization and Metrology) for weighing – repair and maintenance services.

Our quality services have made us one of the best service providers in the Middle East. Legal with government regulation and compliance, our advanced repairs firstly make your components more efficient. And secondly, it provides you with significant shop visit savings. We follow efficient technology-based repair procedures and have development and operations centers to increase yields and decrease costs.

Reliable Group is well known for weighbridges and heavy-duty weighing scales. As one of the leading supplier of a complete range of weighing equipment, we also provide after-sales services which include repair, maintenance (AMC/PMC), and calibration services. Our engineers calibrate the weigh-bridges with several tons of test weight for better accuracy.  These weights are calibrated in-house at regular intervals to avoid errors. This eliminates uncertain results on the weighbridge as well. The weigh-bridge is tested from zero to full capacity to evaluate linearity.  Thus Reliable can provide critical services like calibration with great accuracy for weighbridges and other scales.

Accreditation scope

Weighing Equipment calibration

balances & truck scales
Up to 120t
Pallet scale Up to 4000 kg
Check-weigher (static only) Up to 60 kg
Belt Scale (static only) Up to 10000 kg
Hopper Scale, Tank Scale, Silo (Batching plant / Asphalt plant) Up to 20000 kg
Crane Scale/ Hanging Scale Up to 8000 kg

Mass calibration

Mass standards 1mg to 20kg
Mass standards 1000 kg