Rent a Weighbridge or Truck Scale for Short Term Projects

Indefinite Period Monthly Rental
Definite Period – Fixed Contract Monthly | Quarterly | Yearly
Maintenance and Yearly Calibration Available

Reliable Industrial Group provides complete installation and calibration services for weighbridges. Our expert technicians set up the weighbridge on site. Also provide full instruction and demonstrations to our customers.

rental weighbridge

Rental Weighbridge/ Truck scale – Benefits

The high prices of weighbridges makes the ownership difficult for many customers. Also the the huge amount of weighbridges creates a big variation in overall budget. Monthly payments are structured to make it easy for customers. On the contrary, customers can more in production to generate revenue. Instead of having a burden of an depreciating asset.

Rental Conditions

  • Repair and maintenance services are provided within the AMC plan.
  • Replacement of Components if found faulty.
  • In case of physical damage, adverse weather damage, theft or any other damage. The components will be supplied at an additional cost.

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