Aggregate Weighing

Aggregate industries such as construction and building materials need a weighing scale. Measuring and handling bulk materials is a crucial aspect. Reliable provides durable and accurate weighing solutions.
For harsh production environments including quarries, sand, and gravel. For example, product recyclers, crushers, brick, and cement manufacturers. Concurrently Mining, and building materials as well. Subsequently, for handling bulk materials: Truck scales, hopper scales, belt scales, and silos.

Moreover, we also offer ISO 17025 Accredited Calibration for Weighing Equipment and ESMA Authorized Repair Services to ensure lastly your equipment is always in top condition. Contact us today to learn more about our products and services.


We provide customized weighbridges according to your weighing requirements. Post calibration these scales can handle different weights. And materials in varying aggregate weather conditions. Obtain precise measurements with great efficiency. We focus on four points first readability second linearity third eccentricity and so forth uncertainty. In brief, we provide complete sales and service for truck scales. Hence, end users can get complete solutions under one roof. Thereafter, the end-user has complete control over the weighbridge through the weighbridge software.


On the whole, portable truck scales is a popular choice among customers in the aggregate industry. We designed our scales to be easy to set up and transport, and they are designed to withstand harsh weather conditions. Furthermore, they can be customized to meet your specific needs. By using these highly accurate scales: Material and financial losses can be minimized. Additionally, the process can be easily monitored by integrating software solutions with the scales, helping boost efficiency. As a result, this makes weighbridges a preferred option in the aggregate industry.


Several aggregate environmental factors can impact the accuracy of a weighing system

  • Wind loading: Airflow and movement by ducts and air conditioners that can affect the weighing system.
  • Vibrations: Nearby equipment can contribute to vibrations and act as an additional force.
  • Unclean scales: Dirt build-up can cause additional pressure
  • Shock loading: Sudden loading onto the weighbridge can exert more force than maximum capacity, thus damaging the load cells and the weighing system.
  • Electrical interference: Interference with the electrical systems the controller processes can affect the aggregate weight results.
aggregate weighing

Several connection ports can help print receipts/ tickets with the required information like weight, date, and time.


Reliable offers computerized software integrated with the weighbridge for data monitoring and storage for the aggregate industry.

  • Tare Weight & Net Weight – Automatic Calculation
  • Customer Database
  • Material Database – with price per Ton\Kg
  • Source – Destination Database
  • Multiple Weighbridge Integration
  • IP Camera Integration – Security
  • VAT (Value Added Tax) Integration
  • Reports Analysis – | Material | Customer | Transaction | Location | In-Out Status | Total Amount | Total VAT.
  • SQL Database | MS Access Database – Compatible with Local\Network integration.