Date Coding on Seafood and Fish Packaging

Date coding printers play a crucial role in the fish and seafood industry, where accurate labeling of expiry dates and other information on processing and packaging is essential. An inkjet date coding printer is generally suitable for printing expiry dates on seafood packaging.

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Factors needs to be considered in seafood packaging

  1. Choosing the correct ink:
    Inkjet coding on seafood packaging requires specialized food-grade inks that adhere well to various packaging materials such as plastic, film, or paper. The ink should be safe for food contact, resistant to environmental factors like moisture and low temperatures (especially for frozen products), and compliant with regulatory requirements.
  2. Legibility and durability:
    The inkjet coding should produce clear, legible prints that remain visible throughout the product’s shelf life. The ink should also be resistant to wear, smudging, and fading, ensuring that the information remains accurate and legible.
  3. Efficiency and speed:
    Inkjet coding systems should be fast and efficient to keep up with high-volume production in the seafood industry. This ensures accurate labeling without delaying the production process.
  4. Integration with production line:
    The inkjet coding system should integrate seamlessly with the existing production line, allowing for easy setup, operation, and maintenance.
  5. Printer features:
    Look for an inkjet coding printer with features such as automatic print head cleaning, low ink level alerts, and easy-to-use software for designing and editing printed information.
  6. Regulatory compliance:
    The inkjet coding system should comply with the relevant regulatory requirements for the seafood industry, ensuring that the products are safe for consumption and meet the required standards.

Coding and Marking Solutions for Seafood Industry

When it comes to the fish and seafood industry, efficient coding solutions are essential. Moreover, it’s tough to code on such perishable products that move quickly through the supply chain. In fact, it’s necessary to have a reliable and precise inkjet coder that can keep up with the fast-paced environment. Linx coding solutions can explicitly handle all the challenges of this industry. Additionally, our coders can integrate easily with various production line operations to ensure efficient coding. Also, inbuilt troubleshooting features enable running the printer with minimal downtime. Overall, Linx offers a wide range of specialized inks to support coding on multiple substrates. Whether you need to print small codes or large graphics, our coders can meet all your coding requirements. Looking for a reliable and efficient coding solution? Contact us now.

date coding on seafood

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date coding on seafood

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