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Date Coding

Date coding printers for printing manufacturing and expiry date onto the product in detail. Offering a comprehensive range of date coders including Inkjet Coding, Thermal Transfer as well as Laser Marking Machines.

date coding

Case Coding

Case coding solution for printing variable text, barcodes, and logos directly onto porous as well as non-porous substrates. Moreover, These case coders can easily print on corrugated shipping containers, cardboard boxes, cartons, and cases at the time of product packaging.

date coding

2D Coding

2D coding solution for marking QR code, Dot code, and Data matrix code explicitly. In short, the difference between linear barcodes and 2D barcodes is the type and amount of data they can hold. 2D codes are significantly more traceable compared to barcodes as they can hold more data.

date coding

weighing scales

Industrial and Retail Weighing Scales

Weighing Scales

Our product line comprises a range of weighing scales for dynamic as well as static weighing applications.

Bench ScaleFloor ScalePlatform Scale
Table Top ScalePrice Computing ScaleRetail Scale
Crane ScaleAnimal Weighing ScaleHorse Weighing Scale
Laboratory ScaleCheck WeigherTank Weighing Scale
Dimension ScaleHopper ScaleWeigh Feeder
Airport Baggage ScaleBelt Weighing ScaleJumbo Bag Filling
Cattle ScalePallet ScaleSilo Weighing
weighing scales
truck weighing scales

Truck Weighing Scales

Truck Weighing Scales Manufacturer and Suppliers in UAE and overall Middle East. Especially providing factory-manufactured and customized-size weighbridges integrated with electronic equipment for weighing heavy-duty trucks and trailers.

Pit Mount WeighbridgeSurface Mounted WeighbridgePortable Weighbridge
Concrete WeighbridgeSteel Deck WeighbridgeAxle Weigh Pads
6 meter x 3 meter20000 kg to 30000 kg | 20 Ton to 30 Ton4 Load Cells
12 meter x 3 meter50000 kg to 60000 kg | 50 Ton to 60 Ton6 Load Cells
18 meter x 3 meter80000 kg to 120000 kg | 80 Ton to 120 Ton8 Load Cells
24 meter x 3 meterUp to 250000 kg | 250 Ton10 Load Cells
weighing scales

weighing scales


Reliable Scales & Equipment Services is authorized by (ESMA) Emirates Authority For Standardization and Metrology to provide weighing scale repair and maintenance services by all means. Moreover, Our advanced repair techniques help to improve the accuracy and serviceability of your components. Prior to maintenance work, we offer a pre-maintenance visit, which not only helps to prevent future breakdowns but also helps customers save significantly on shop visits. In general, our goal is to increase customer yields and decrease costs through our high-quality services.

weighing scales
weighing scales

Weighing Spares

Reliable offers a range of spares and accessories particularly for weighing equipment. Also, specializes in the supply and installation of different types of load cells for a range of applications.

Compression Load CellTensile S Type Load Cell
Shear Beam Load CellBending Beam Load Cell
Ball Type Load CellRing Torsion Load Cell
Weighing Repeater or DisplayWeighing Indicator
Button Type Load CellDouble Ended Beam Load Cell
Test Weight 5kg / 10kg / 20kgTest Weight 1000 kg / 1 Ton
weighing scales
weighing scales


Reliable Calibration & Measurement Laboratory received ISO 17025:2017 accreditation from Emirates International Accreditation Centre (EIAC); hence, our accredited calibration certificate is accepted globally, adhering to the International Laboratory Accreditation Cooperation (ILAC) MRA for international cooperation between agencies. We also hold ISO 9001:2015 certification, giving our customers more confidence and reliability in our laboratory’s calibration services.

weighing scales

Industrial Automation Solutions

In the first place, we provide inkjet coders and laser marking printers for primary date printing. The inkjet coder can not only code expiry and best-before dates but also prints LOT and batch codes. As a matter of fact, these printers are the basic requirement of every manufacturer. In like manner, the case coding printer integrates at the secondary stage of packaging. As here the end user needs to code and mark on the carton, boxes as well as cases. In addition, our laser marking printer provides 2D coding and Datamatrix solution for fast-moving consumer goods. When the above coding solution gets coupled with our static as well as dynamic weighing scales. Reliable Industrial Automation becomes the complete production line solution provider all under one roof in the same way.

Moreover, at the secondary packaging stage, end users mostly need to print high-resolution large characters on pallets and shipping containers. This is where our DOD (Drop on Demand Printers) and LCM (Large Character Marking Printers) becomes equally important. Also, we provide handheld printers where the production is not that high and manual printing is acceptable. Finally, we come to the implementation of truck weighing scales which delivers precision and accuracy of the finished goods to the manufacturer.

Continuous Ink Jet Printer

CIJ is an acronym for continuous inkjet in detail. In CIJ printers, ink is pumped from a reservoir and thereafter ejected through the nozzle with up to 120,000 electrically charged droplets to form characters and text.

date coding

laser coder

Laser Marking Machine

Looking for a printer to do marking and etching on your products or materials explicitly? Try the Linx laser marking machine. Designed explicitly for detailed markings, centrally controls the printer with easy-to-use software.

date coding

Thermal Transfer Over Printer

Thermal Transfer Over printer is a cutting-edge printing device in detail. In addition, it offers high-resolution printing capabilities for various flexible packaging materials. A thermal printhead alongside a thermal transfer ribbon to imprint wax as well as resin-based ink onto the substrate. 

date coding

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    What is an industrial weighing scale?

    An industrial weighing scale is an essential tool chiefly used in a wide range of industrial applications. It generally refers to a device that measures the weight or mass of an object, allowing for precise measurement and calculation of materials in production lines.
    Industrial scales are typically more advanced than standard consumer scales due to their increased durability and accuracy.
    In order to fulfill its purpose accurately, an industrial weighing scale must be designed for precise measurements across different industries including manufacturing, parts assembly, construction sites, the automotive industry, and even retail stores handling large volumes of goods. Moreover, they can measure objects or containers from very small amounts up to several tons depending on the specific application required by the manufacturer or user.

    How Does a Truck Scale Work?

    A truck scale, or weighbridge, is a large scale designed for weighing vehicles and their cargo at the same time. It is typically installed on a firm foundation of either concrete or asphalt and generally consists of two steel decks with load cells beneath them. The lower deck rests directly onto the vehicle’s axles while the upper deck rests upon the lower deck.
    When a vehicle is driven onto the truck scale, its weight is transferred to all four load cells which measure it in increments of kilograms or tons. Each cell then communicates that information to a weighing indicator. Moreover, it allows precise gross and net measurements of the material loaded on the truck or trailer.

    Date Coding and Case Coding Solutions
    What is Date Coding?

    Date coding, or date stamping, is a process used to mark products with readable expiration dates explicitly. Inkjet date coding helps to identically verify the freshness and shelf life of food items, medicines, cosmetics, and other consumable goods. It also assists retailers in complying with state regulations on quality control guidelines for food safety, consumer protection, and product traceability.
    In general, date coding involves using a printer to add printed expiration information onto the surface of an item. In doing so, manufacturers benefit from reduced labor costs since it eliminates manual labeling operations within their production workflow.

    How does a Case Coding or Large Character Marking (LCM) printer work?

    Case coding printers, also known as Large Character Marking (LCM) printers, are an efficient way to mark and code products for tracking and identification. In addition, These can be used to print on a variety of surfaces like paper, cardboard boxes, cartons, plastic bags, or trays.
    In general, a case coding printer is inkjet printing – a special type of digital printing that uses tiny droplets of ink which are sprayed onto the surface to be printed in a digitally controlled pattern.
    Inkjet marking systems come in both continuous and thermal to imprint codes directly onto packaging or labels.

    2D Code Printing & Data Matrix Marking Solutions
    What is 2D code printing?

    2D code printing, also known as data matrix marking, is a type of printing technology used to encode product-specific information such as serial numbers, batch numbers or lot numbers, dates, and times of manufacture or expiry. Additionally, These codes are printed with the encoded information and can be read by a scanner.
    The main use of 2D code printing is to identify products while they are being transported through the supply chain. Moreover, it enables tracking of each package at every stage in its lifecycle. In detail, from production to shipment and retail sale – manufacturers can ensure that their goods reach their intended destination safely and securely.

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