Automatic Scanning Station 1

Automatic Scanning Machine

The Automatic Scanning Machine is specially designed for Online scanning of 1D/2D code present on the side of the box and in line with the Existing Conveyor System.
Designed to facilitate overall more productive operation with simple maintenance.


  • Plug & Play System
  • User-friendly Operation Panel
  • High-speed 1D/2D code Scanning Algorithm
  • A vibration-free belt conveyor with a rejection bin. Polycarbonate enclosure.
  • Traffic management maintains a gap between consecutive boxes, which reduces rejection and rework.
  • Mirrorless multiple-resolution smart cameras with customized optics
  • Robust 1D/2D code reading algorithm, which ensures minimum false rejection.
  • State-of-the-art reflection-free illumination for more accurate shrink pack 1D/2D code decoding.
  • Innovative design to accommodate the print and apply equipment within the machine.
  • High-resolution camera to scan and verify the 2D Code on the box label.
  • Integrated software can communicate with multiple cameras in the system.
  • If the 1D/2D code is not scanned, the system does not apply the label on the Box. This avoids label wastage.
  • Label roll changeover without stoppage of the production line.
  • Various interlocks like rejection verification, rejection bin full, low air pressure, door open, etc.

General Architecture

Parameter description
Automatic Scanning Machine • Camera - High resolution camera for box code scanning
•   Lens – Suitable high-resolution lens with minimum distortion is provided based on camera model.
•   Illumination - White LED, reflection free homogeneous illumination for reflective surface (inside plastic scanning)
•   Audible & Visual alarm
•   Sensors (as applicable) – Object, Target, Label detection, rejection verification sensor and rejection bin full sensor
•   Ejector -Pneumatic pusher with rejection bin
•   Conveyor with Traffic management to maintain gap and avoid jamming.
• Print and apply labelling unit camera to inspect label 1D/2D /QR Code
PC •   Processor Group - Intel Chipset High speed controller, above 2.2 GHz
•   Operating System – Windows 10 Pro
•   Memory Capacity - 4 GB
•   Storage Capacity - 120 GB SSD
•   Display Size – 15” or 17”
• Operator interface – LED/LCD and touch screen
Embedded I/O controller with embedded software •  I/O Controller – Processing & Controlling hardware signal and communicating with software, this controller integrates with sensor, electrical/electronic parts.
•  Camera communication
•  I/O Communication
•  Solid State Relay card
• Required cables
Material of Construction •   Section frame, Structure, Plates – Aluminium
• Covers – SS304
External communications • RS232, Ethernet, USB
Operating temperature • 5°-40°C
Power supply • 230 Volt AC, single phase with MCB for protection

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