Achieving high accuracy and precision is essential to the metal industry. The metal industry deals with both ferrous and non-ferrous metals which are critical for industries and in turn affect the economy and development of a country.

To minimize uncertainty and obtain the desired accuracy it is essential to have a reliable weighing solution. With metal industries, the range of products to be weighed is diversified. Long products like profiles, pipes, and bars as well as raw materials need to be weighed while stocking, processing, and production. Thus, our weighing solutions can be customized and fabricated as per requirement.  Weigh with ease and accuracy, while withstanding harsh production environments.In addition to common features like easy to read weight, automatic zero, tare weight, serial port communication, we can also integrate functions such as label printing and RFID to automate the process. At Reliable we provide you with a complete weighing solution including a weighing software. This weighing management software integrates the weighing system with the rest of your production environment.


Vehicle and axle scales are cost-efficient and portable solutions to accurately measure weight. Prevent overweight vehicles that can damage roads, bridges, and the vehicle itself by weight monitoring. Adaptable to any vehicle these scales can accurately measure axle weight and gross weight.


For measuring the weight in recycling and waste industries, truck scales are widely used. These scales are used to monitor and ensure the trucks/ other vehicles are rightly filled while preventing unsafe conditions. Highly durable and robust these scales can be used to weigh with utmost accuracy when the truck arrives or departs the weighing station. Easy to integrate with RFID and software the weighing process can be automated and made even more user friendly.


High precision floor scales can be used to measure weight by loading on directly or into bundles. Floor scales are installed on top of the flooring/pit to match the floor level. These scales can withstand extreme conditions and can be customized to meet your weighing requirements.


Several connection ports can help print receipts/ tickets with the required information like weight, date, and time.


Reliable offers computerized software integrated with the weighbridge for data monitoring and storage.

  • Tare Weight & Net Weight – Automatic Calculation
  • Customer Database
  • Material Database – with price per Ton\Kg
  • Source – Destination Database
  • Multiple Weighbridge Integration
  • IP Camera Integration – Security
  • VAT (Value Added Tax) Integration
  • Reports Analysis – | Material | Customer | Transaction | Location | In-Out Status | Total Amount | Total VAT.
  • SQL Database | MS Access Database – Compatible with Local\Network integration.

If your yard has special considerations such as limited space, we offer custom platform sizes according to your requirements.