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Reliable Industrial Group is the leading manufacturer & supplier of weighbridges in the Middle East. Factory manufactured truck scales/ weighbridges for sale with digital as well as analogue load cells. With a team of expert service technicians in the GCC. The installation and integration of our weighbridges & truck scales are always supported. Reliable also provides calibration and maintenance services free of charge.

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Buy Different types of weighbridges

Reliable Industrial Group manufactures all types of weighbridges which includes : Pit Less (Surface Mount) Weighbridges, Pit Type Weighbridges & Portable Weighbridges.


Pit Type Weighbridges
Full Pit in Ground Truck Scales


Pit Less Weighbridge
Surface Mount Weighbridge – Ground Level

Portable Weighbridge
Above Ground Truck Scales


Reliable Standard Weighbridge Capacities – covers almost all  of industrial and commercial requirements.

Capacity : 20 Ton | 40 Ton | 60 Ton | 80 Ton | 100 Ton | 120 Ton


We supply all standard size weighbridges and also customized weighbridges according to customers requirement, which makes our products and services versatile in the competitive market.

Standard Sizes : 6 meter x 3 meter | 12 meter x 3 meter | 18 meter x 3 meter | 24 meter x 3 meter | Customized Size

Weighbridge Manufacturers and Suppliers in Dubai

Truck Weighing Scales – Reliable Industrial Group covers supply and services of truck weighbridges system in UAE – Dubai | Sharjah | Ras Al Khaimah | Umm Al Quwain | Fujairah | Abu Dhabi | Oman | Saudi Arabia | Africa | Uganda | Ethiopia and many more countries in the Middle East.

Distributor  and manufacturer of Weighing Equipment

RELIABLE INDUSTRIAL GROUP is a weighing scales and equipment supplier in UAE, Oman, Saudi Arabia and Middle East. Reliable offers sales and supply of weighing equipment with after sales annual maintenance services. We also provide accredited calibration services – Mandatory According to Dubai Municipality. We provide free of cost delivery for weighing equipment in UAE.

Covers a complete range of weighing equipment and scales, which includes industrial weighbridges and heavy duty weighing scales.

Pitless Weighbridge | Pit Type Weighbridge | Concrete Weighbridge | Steel Deck Weighbridge | Portable Weighbridge | Weighing Indicator | Loadcell | Weighing Balance | Axle Weighing Scales | Customized Weighbridges | Truck Weighbridges | Weighbridge UAE