Protective Packaging Solutions

Air Cushion Machines

The increasing complexity of logistics challenges in the mail-order business is driving the need for efficient solutions. At the packing station, air cushion machines utilize space-efficient film rolls to produce on-demand transport protection.

Air Cushion System Models

air cushion machine

AirWave Air Cushion 1


The AirWave1 is a high-performance air cushion system manufactured in Germany that provides reliable support for up to 4 workstations. With its programmable option and seamless integration into the workplace, the AirWave1 excels in both small cushion and wide wrapper applications.

Technical DataAirwave 1
Output m/min8 – 10
Meter/roll (m)320 – 3000
Film thickness (μm)12 – 26
Speed ​​(m/min)9

AirWave Air Cushion 2


The AirWave2 is a premium air cushion machine model with superior efficiency, speed, and quality. This user-friendly and flexible product represents the benefits of air cushion machines.

Technical Dataairwave 2
Output m/minup to 20
Meter/roll (m)up to 3000
Film thickness (μm)12 – 30

AirBoy Nano3


The AirBoy nano3 enables mobile and flexible use with various film and cushion types. This means you have optimal transport protection, even with low throughput.

Start and stop your production of air cushions with a simple touch of a button. Our timer allows for precise production, while the ability to adjust sealing temperature and air volume gives you full control. Our air cushion system is compatible with narrow air cushion fillers (type 9.7.1) and wide air cushion machines (type 9.8.3). Choose our AirWave Standard and AirWave Bio (home-compostable) cushion film options. Your purchase includes a manual, power cable, two spare teflon tapes, and a spare blade.

Technical Dataairwave 2
Roll formats stock4
Speed ​​(m/min)3.5