A weighing indicator and repeater external display are essential components for weighing. Industrial floor scales and weighbridge or truck scales, integrates with these weighing indicators. Furthermore, providing accurate weight measurements and enhanced visibility for operators.

ohaus weighing indicator

Plastic Body Weighing Indicator

Plastic housing weighing indicators have become ideal for bench and floor scales. Furthermore, it supports multiple applications such as production, packaging, inventory, and shipping.

plastic weighing indicator
plastic weighing indicator
Batching Plant
plastic weighing indicator
Animal Scale
plastic weighing indicator

Industrial Plastic Weighing Indicator

weighing indicator plastic body

Defender 3000 weighing indicator T31P


Economical ABS Weighing Indicator for Basic Industrial Applications

Battery Life100 Hours
UnitsGrams, Kilograms & Pounds
DisplayLCD with backlight

plastic weighing indicator

Defender 5000 weighing indicator T51P


Multifunctional ABS Weighing Indicator for Standard Industrial Applications

Battery Life35 – 80 Hours
CommunicationDC \ AC Relays
UnitsTons, Grams, Kilograms & Pounds
DisplayLCD with white backlight

weighing indicator plastic type

Defender 7000 T71P


High-Performance Weighing Indicator for Advanced Applications

Battery Life35 – 80 Hours
CommunicationDC \ AC Relays
UnitsTons, Grams, Kilograms & Pounds
DisplayLCD with white backlight

DIN rail weighing

DIN Rail Weighing Indicator

Do you need a reliable way to measure weight with multiple load cells in your equipment or machinery? Look no further than a DIN rail weighing indicator. Wire plug-in terminals for multiple load cells and output a 0 to 10 V or 4 to 20 mA signal. Additionally, the digital data signal ensures accurate readings every time. This indicator can quickly clamp inside a panel with DIN rails. Trust in a DIN rail weighing indicator for accurate and efficient weight measurement.

DIN rail weighing indicator
DIN rail weighing indicator
Batching Plant
filling scale
Filling Machine

Weighing Indicator with DIN Rail Mounting Clamp

A DIN rail weighing indicator is an excellent solution for applications requiring accurate weight measurements using multiple load cells. These indicators support easy installation and seamless integration with equipment and machinery.

  1. Convenient connectivity:
    Easy connection to multiple load cells and instead ensuring precise weight measurements across all connected sensors.
  2. Accurate readings:
    The digital data signal from these indicators ensures high accuracy and reliability of weight measurements in time. Indeed, minimizing errors and improving overall process efficiency.
  3. Easy installation:
    These indicators can quickly mount inside a control panel or enclosure and are explicitly designed for compatibility with standard DIN rails. Moreover, it simplifies the installation and reduces downtime.
  4. Versatile outputs:
    DIN rail weighing indicators typically offer a range of output options, such as 0 to 10 V or 4 to 20 mA signals, allowing for seamless integration with other equipment and control systems.
  5. Compact design:
    With a small footprint, this weighing interface became ideal for applications with limited space while still providing accurate and reliable weight measurements.
  6. Wide range of applications:
    DIN rail-type indicators can support various industries such as manufacturing, logistics, food processing, pharmaceuticals, etc. Indeed, they are compatible with different types of load cells and can fit with any customization requirements.
  7. Improved process control:
    By providing accurate and real-time weight measurements, a weighing indicator can help improve process control and optimize the performance of equipment and machinery, ultimately enhancing productivity and reducing waste.

By choosing a DIN rail weighing indicator for your weight measurement needs, you can benefit from a reliable, accurate, easy-to-install solution compatible with various load cells and equipment types. This versatile device is invaluable for any application requiring precise weight measurements and efficient process control.

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Wall Mount Weighing Indicator

A wall-mount weighing indicator is essential for accurate weighing and batching in various industries. With an IP65-rated enclosure, this wall-mounted weight indicator ensures reliable performance even in harsh weather conditions. The bracket used to mount the indicator to the wall is sturdy and easy to install. The wall-mount weighing indicator is a must-have for any industry that requires precise and efficient weighing and batching processes. The convenience of the wall-mounted scale allows for easy access and visibility, making it a popular option for many operators. The process control weighing indicators on the wall-mounted display provides users real-time weight readings and other important metrics for a successful production.

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weighbridge scale

Weighing Indicator with Wall Mounting Frame

A wall-mount weighing indicator is an excellent solution for industries that need precise weighing and batching while maximizing space and providing easy access for operators. These indicators not only rank in durability but are also reliable reliability, making them suitable for demanding environments.

Key advantages

  1. Space-saving:
    The wall-mount design overall helps to save valuable floor space in facilities with limited room. The provision provided by these indicators significantly makes them an ideal choice for small or crowded work areas.
  2. Easy visibility:
    On the positive side, mounting the weighing indicator on the wall makes it easily visible to operators. Explicitly allowing them to monitor weight data and other metrics without difficulty.
  3. Durability and reliability:
    Indeed, these indicators often come with IP65-rated enclosures. In addition, it protects against dust, moisture, and other harsh environmental conditions. This ensures reliable performance and long-lasting durability even in challenging industrial settings.
  4. Easy installation:
    The sturdy bracket used for mounting the indicator to the wall simplifies the installation process. Moreover, it reduces downtime and ensures secure placement.
  5. Process control:
    Wall-mount weighing indicators typically offer controls such as setpoints, alarms, and connectivity options. Furthermore, seamless integration with other equipment. Systems enable efficient production and automated control of weighing and batching processes.
  6. Real-time weight readings:
    Moreover, these indicators provide users with real-time weight readings and other essential metrics, ensuring accurate and timely monitoring of production processes.
  7. Versatile applications:
    Weighing indicators for various industries, likewise food processing, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, agriculture, and manufacturing. Furthermore, having compatibility with different types of load cells to suit specific industry requirements.

Ease of Access with no Restriction

By investing in a wall-mount weighing indicator, businesses can benefit from a convenient, efficient, and reliable solution for their weighing and batching needs. This indicator improves productivity, enhances process control, and ensures accurate weight measurements, contributing to overall operational success.

weighing repeater display

Weighing Repeater

Weighing repeater coupled with weighing indicator to display weight on a large matrix. Weighing repeaters and external displays became essential in time for managing the truck’s queue at the weighbridge sites. These devices allow for easy and reliable weight readings in contrast from a distance. Moreover, with a seven-segment display, it has RS232 and IP communication capabilities. Truck drivers can easily transfer weight data and monitor their loads in like manner. As a result, this leads to less guesswork regarding load distribution and safer transportation. Whether hauling goods on the highway or working on a construction site, weighing repeaters and external displays are valuable tools for any job requiring precise weight measurements.

weighbridge scale

Large Matrix Weighing Display

Weighing repeaters and external displays play a crucial role in various industries, particularly when it comes to applications that require accurate weight measurements and easy monitoring from a distance. These devices offer several advantages, such as enhanced visibility, improved safety, and seamless data transfer.

  1. Enhanced visibility:
    Weighing repeaters and external displays come with a sizeable seven-segment LED explicitly. This ensures that operators can view the weight data explicitly from a considerable distance or in challenging lighting conditions.
  2. Improved safety:
    By providing real-time weight measurements, these devices help truck drivers and other operators accurately monitor their loads, reducing the risk of overloading or uneven distribution. This leads to safer transportation, reduced risk of accidents, and compliance with legal weight limits.
  3. Seamless data transfer:
    Weighing repeaters and external displays can be connected to weighing indicators using RS232, RS485, or IP communication protocols. This allows for easy and secure transfer of weight data between the devices, ensuring accurate and up-to-date information is always available.
  4. Versatility:
    These devices can be used in various settings, including transportation, construction, waste management, and manufacturing. They are compatible with different weighing indicators and load cells, making them suitable for diverse applications.
  5. Easy installation and integration:
    Weighing repeaters and external displays can be easily installed and integrated into existing systems with minimal wiring and setup requirements. This simplifies the process and reduces downtime during implementation.
  6. Durability:
    Designed for harsh environments, these devices often feature rugged construction and weatherproof enclosures. This ensures reliable performance and long-lasting durability, even under demanding conditions.
  7. Customization options:
    Many manufacturers offer customization options for their weighing repeaters and external displays, such as adjustable brightness settings, multi-color displays, or wireless connectivity. This allows businesses to choose the features that best suit their needs and requirements.

Buy Weighing Repeater

By investing in weighing repeaters and external displays, businesses can enhance their weighing processes, improve safety, and ensure precise weight measurements for various applications. These devices are valuable tools for any industry that requires accurate and easily accessible weight data.

Panel Mount Weighing Indicator

Panel mount weighing indicators are increasingly becoming a preferred choice for many industrial processes, especially those that involve silos and tanks for batching and dosing solutions. With a small and compact design, these weighing indicators are perfect for fitting into minimum provision enclosures, making them the perfect solution for space-restricted environments. By mounting inside the enclosure, it helps to ensure accurate measurements and reliable readings to help monitor the weight and level of the contents inside the silos and tanks. Overall, these weighing indicators are a reliable and efficient solution for your weighing needs.

Panel mount weighing indicators offer numerous advantages for industrial processes, particularly regarding applications involving silos, tanks, and other space-restricted environments. Their compact design and ease of integration make them an ideal choice for various industries.

panel mount weighing indicator
Batching Plant
panel mount weighing indicator
panel mount weighing indicator

Benefits of panel mount weighing indicators:

  1. Space-saving design:
    Panel mount weighing indicators have a small footprint and can fit into limited-space enclosures. This makes them suitable for facilities with space constraints without compromising functionality or accuracy.
  2. Easy integration:
    These weighing indicators easily integrate with existing control systems. Indeed, the design of these indicators specializes to fit standard panel cutouts and requires minimal wiring. This feature simplifies installation and reduces downtime during setup.
  3. Accurate measurements:
    Panel mount indicators provide precise weight measurements by processing signals from load cells installed in silos, tanks, or other equipment. This ensures reliable monitoring of material levels and helps maintain inventory control, quality, and safety standards.
  4. User-friendly interface:
    Many weighing indicators have a user-friendly interface featuring easy-to-read displays and intuitive controls. This allows operators to monitor weight data, adjust settings, and perform other tasks efficiently, even in challenging industrial environments.
  5. Versatility:
    Panel mount weighing indicators for various applications, including batching, dosing, filling, and level monitoring. Overall, compatibility with different types of load cells with customization to suit specific industry requirements.
  6. Durability:
    Designed for harsh industrial environments and features such as dust and moisture resistance. Which ensures long-lasting performance and minimal maintenance.
  7. Connectivity options:
    Modern weighing indicators may offer connectivity options like Ethernet, USB, or RS-232/RS-485, allowing seamless data transfer and integration with other systems or devices.

By choosing panel mount weighing indicators for silos, tanks, and other industrial processes, businesses can benefit from a compact and efficient solution that ensures accurate weight measurements and reliable monitoring of material levels. This ultimately leads to improved process control, cost savings, and enhanced productivity.

table top weighing indicator

Tabletop Weighing Indicator

A tabletop weighing indicator is essential for industrial scales and weighbridges. Indeed, allowing them accurate measurement readings. The advantage of a tabletop indicator is that it does not need to be mounted and can easily be moved to different workstations or locations depending on the user’s needs. This offers convenience for those working in busy industrial environments and ensures minimal downtime during weighbridge operations. With the ability to weigh various products and materials, a tabletop weighing indicator is a reliable and efficient tool for all your industrial weighing needs.

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