thermoforming and filling machine

Thermoforming & Filling

The principles behind ILPRA’s MD models of the Thermoforming Filling line are as follows:

Technological concept based on the utilization of servo-assisted electrical movements.
Utilization of standardized components from top manufacturers in the market.
Advanced software allows effortless and efficient management of all machine functions, enabling seamless integration with customers’ computer systems (CPS 4.0 cyber-physical system).
Intuitive and comprehensive HMI user interface.
Simple, intuitive, and effective solutions to accelerate and streamline various packaging operational phases.
Compact dimensions.

ILPRA Thermoforming and Filling Machine

thermoforming machines

Form Fill Seal MD


Thermoforming and Filling machine that ensures maximum production efficiency, precise and hygienic dosing, and reduced operating costs through optimized maintenance procedures and silent operation. The ergonomic and functional design is carefully crafted to facilitate usage, maintenance, and sanitization operations while offering high customization options through various optional extras.

Technical DataThermoforming Filling machine
Production capacity25 cycles/min max
Forming film460 mm. max
Max. Step260 mm
Max height package100 mm

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thermoforming machines in UAE

Form pack Thermoforms

Thermoforming machines offer a reliable solution for various needs. They provide simple solutions in mold changes and efficient use of workspace. Each model has different accessories and machine structures based on specific applications. With EMEC technology utilizing servo-driven movements, these machines offer superior performance and significant energy savings. Different versions provide packaging technologies such as vacuum, skin, MAP, and various packaging materials, including rigid or special films. Our machines provide strength in safety, hygiene, and the use of readily available components.

Form Pack Thermoforming Machine

thermoforming machines

Thermoforming Machine | Formpack Easyform


This thermoforming machine boasts improved design and components, including newly designed combined forming and sealing molds. With an expanded working area compared to the previous version, it delivers higher performance and enables medium to high production capacities. This machine serves as an outstanding packaging solution for food and medical applications.

Technical DataFormPack Speedyform
Frame length3770 mm
Step300 mm (max)
Forming film width420 mm (max)
Maximum height of containers120 mm (max)

thermoforming machine

FormPack Speedy Form


The Speedyform model provides a compact, saving space solution with easy of access for format changes, cleaning, and maintenance operations.

Technical DataFormPack Speedyform
Dimensions3200 mm
Weight300 mm (max)
Air Consumption420 mm (max)
Sealing Area100 mm (max)


Thermoforming Machine | FormPack F0/F660


Formpack F0 and its variant F660 offer more customizable solutions while adhering to a shared construction philosophy. These solutions boast a compact design, exceptional flexibility, superior production performance, standardized formats, and user-friendly operation. Most importantly, they guarantee absolute and enduring reliability.

Depending on the application, desired performance, and required accessories, ILPRA assists customers in selecting the optimal machine model and customization options for their specific needs.

Technical DataFormPack F0FormPack F660
Frame lengthfrom 3500 to 4800 mm (max)from 3500 to 4500 mm (max)
Step320 mm (max)400 mm (max)
Forming film width460 mm (max)
Maximum height of containers120 mm (max)