large character printer

Linx IJ355 & IJ375

Large Character Marking | The Linx IJ355 and IJ375 large character case coding machines are cost-effective for printing text, logos, and graphics onto porous substrates like paper, cards, and wood. With a maximum print height of 53mm (IJ355) or 70mm (IJ375), these machines offer an alternative to labels and pre-printed boxes.

To further enhance productivity, the Linx PrinterNet feature allows remote connectivity, enabling you to monitor and control your printer anywhere and anytime. The printer’s smartphone-inspired screen makes message selection, creation, and printer operation faster and more intuitive. Additionally, the printer is designed for self-service and minimal intervention, ensuring maximum production uptime. With the Linx 8900, you can print onto both primary and secondary packaging using a single printer.

Large Character Marking Key Features

  • Removes costly labels and preprinted packaging
  • Decreases ink wastage to lower consumable costs
  • Accurate coding for reduced downtime and product waste
  • High-resolution large character marking for clear text and graphics
  • Nozzle protection for optimal performance
  • Capable of printing a variety of codes
  • A long-lasting inkjet coder which produces tens of thousands of prints.
  • Operator user levels for prevention of coding errors