continuous inkjet printer

Linx 7900

Continuous Inkjet Printer | The Linx 7900 Series is a specialist industrial Continuous Inkjet (CIJ) printer designed to code onto various products across a wide range of industries. With its robust build and a range of automated features, this printer enhances productivity, minimizes code errors, and ultimately improves efficiency while reducing the total cost of ownership.

continuous inkjet printing

Pigmented Inkjet Printer Key Features

continuous inkjet printing
  • Automatic code setup for faster, error-free coding
  • Service intervals up to 18 months or 9000 hours
  • Prints 5 lines of text, graphics, logos, and 2D codes
  • Remote printer monitoring and control with Linx Insight
  • SureFill® system for fast, mistake-proof refills
  • Automatic printhead cleaning system for trouble-free start
  • An accurate record of the line output
  • Automatic selection of message type based on line speed
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Linx 8940

Continuous Inkjet Coder | The Linx 8940 printer can enhance operational efficiency. Moreover, the CIJ printer allows you to spend more time coding and increasing your output effortlessly. It is the easiest-to-use printer available in the Linx lineup.

continuous inkjet coder

The Linx 8940 continuous inkjet coder can quickly code setup and operation. It offers reliable longer-duration coding and flexible coding with advanced printing capabilities. This coder allows users to code up to five lines, including 2D barcodes. The ability to store up to 50 named line settings enables quick retrieval during product changeovers. Additionally, the Linx 8940 features simple, one-touch, mess-free fluid cartridge refills during printing, eliminating the need for tools and minimizing potential mistakes. It also comes with an IP65 rating as standard, ensuring durability and protection.

linx continuous inkjet coding

Linx 8920

Continuous Inkjet Coding | The Linx 8920 CIJ printer enables efficient coding on high-speed production lines. With up to 5 lines of print, it offers flexible coding options. Compared to other CIJ printers, the Linx 8920 requires fewer maintenance interventions and offers extended service intervals. Its simple touchscreen interface and on-screen system monitoring make coding easier.

inkjet coding

Continuous Inkjet Coding Key Features

  • Quick and easy code setup and operation
  • Reliable coding for longer periods
  • Flexible coding with high printing capabilities
  • CIJ can store up to 50 named line settings for easy retrieval
  • Simple, one-touch cartridge refills during printing
  • Quick and clean startups are guaranteed with the sealed printhead and Autoflush feature.
  • CIJ Carton coding option available for up to 20mm high prints
Linx Continuous Inkjet Printer

Linx 8900

Continuous Inkjet Printer | The Linx 8900 Series printer is specifically designed to enhance operational efficiency. Moreover, the CIJ printer allows you to spend more time coding and increasing your output effortlessly. It is the easiest-to-use printer available in the Linx lineup.

To further enhance productivity, the Linx PrinterNet feature allows remote connectivity, enabling you to monitor and control your printer anywhere and anytime. The printer’s smartphone-inspired screen makes message selection, creation, and printer operation faster and more intuitive. Additionally, the printer is designed for self-service and minimal intervention, ensuring maximum production uptime. With the Linx 8900, you can print onto both primary and secondary packaging using a single printer.

Continuous Inkjet Printer Key Features

  • Linx PrinterNet allows overall control through remote access, monitoring, and control of Linx CIJ printers.
  • The printers have a flexible coder and quick-change fluid cartridges
  • They have an IP55 stainless steel enclosure as standard with an IP65 option.
  • Real-time output measurement and line stoppage logs are available.
  • CIJ printers offer a range of ink types and colors
  • Date freezing is available for batch printing, ideal for 24/7 operations
  • Variable character spacing improves vision system recognition.
  • The printers have prompts to ensure the addition of the correct date and text, and it’s easy to insert text or logos into messages.
  • Linx CIJ printers can print up to 6 lines of text, numbers, barcodes, and logos.