Print high opacity messages onto hard to code substances like rubber with specialized pigmented ink. The Linx 7900 spectrum printer in the continuous inkjet range is designed to handle pigmented inks without hassle. These inks are designed for good adhesion and marks codes that last long irrespective of environmental conditions like heat and long exposure to sunlight.

Easy to integrate into the existing production lines, with their accessories and range of available settings, these industrial coders are both flexible and versatile. They are IP-rated coders and can keep dust and moisture contaminants out. For permanent coding options, laser coders are used on rubber elements and products. Continuous Inkjet printers are also an alternative for coding onto rubber substrates in industries like automotive and industrial components.

Coding product identification information efficiently and reliably even in the toughest conditions make the Linx industrial coders an ideal option for your coding and marking needs.

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    Special Adherence Inks

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