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Flow wrap machine

For primary packaging, we supply flow wrap machines to pack a variety of edible and inedible products like bakery, cosmetics, electronics, detergents etc. In this machine, the product is slid inside a single packaging film and is welded in three points: two traverse and one longitudinal weld.

Choosing a flow pack machine:

Flow wrap packaging grants integrity and aesthetics

  • Flow packaging is particularly recommended for perishable items, like food as it maintains the product’s qualitative characteristics.
  • It emphasizes the actual shape of the product.

Flow wrap application: What you can pack with our flow wrap machine?

  • Breads and all dry baked products, biscuits, chocolate bars, wafers, chewing gum, slice and cupcakes.
  • Meat products, chicken, dates, fruits & vegetables.
  • Soap bars, detergent pads, cosmetics, pills or tablet, healthcare products.
  • Small electronics items, mechanical parts etc
  • Different types of packaging films can be used in flow wrap machine like BOPP, retractable film, rolled OPA/PE and others depends on the application.