Linx coding solutions print at high speeds for various production lines in beverage industries. Code on wet and dry substrates using high-speed continuous inkjet printers or laser coders. The full range of coding solutions and specialized inks find their application in beverage production and processing applications. Moreover, our machines are compatible with both intermittent and continuous. They can be set based on a time delay, encoder speed or product detection using sensors.
With an IP rating of IP55 / IP65, our coding solutions can survive harsh production environments including both wet and dusty lines. Linx coders have been used to print traceability codes, anti-counterfeit production, manufacturing dates and batch codes. Due to all the above-mentioned capabilities, Linx coders can be used on a variety of substrates like bottles, cans, caps and other plastic items. We offer quality, durability and competitive price to meet your production needs.


Special Adherence Inks

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