Linx coding solutions print at high speeds for various production lines in beverage industries. Our full range of coding solutions and specialized inks find their application in beverage production on dry as well as wet substrates. Obtain reliable coding and marking on anything you can put a beverage in, bottles, cans or even caps and other plastic items.
The Linx continuous inkjet printers and laser coders are used in beverage industries to print traceability and anti-counterfeit codes, manufacturing dates and batch codes. Moreover, our machines are compatible with both intermittent and continuous production. They can be set based on a time delay, encoder speed or product detection using sensors. With an IP rating of IP55 / IP65, our coding solutions can survive harsh production environments.
We offer quality, durability and competitive price to meet your production needs. Contact us to know how our easy-to-use and easy-to-install solutions can help increase your production output.

Key Features

  • Precision manufactured robust units to keep production running without interruption.
  • Mark directly onto your bottle or can without the need for a paper label
  • Print at high speeds and ensure increased levels of production.
  • Coloured, large, icon-led touch screen makes message printer operation easy.
  • User-friendly operation and error-free editing reduce the risk of incorrect codes & the cost of rework.
Continuous inkjet printers
  • Special adherence inks enable printing on cold fill applications and can print even through condensation
  • Fast-drying inks, yellow and white ink options for contrast on dark materials, so you can code on all bottles including clear glass.
  • Quick, clean start every time even after shutdown.
  • Long printhead cleaning intervals of up to 3 months to avoid excessive maintenance requirements.
  • Customise your coder interface for functions you regularly use.
Laser coders
  • No need for expensive factory air for cooling
  • IP65 rated, enabling easy clean in washdown environments.
  • With no consumables, your total cost of ownership is kept down – great for the environment and for your cash flow
date coding glass bottles
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Bottle coding on glass can be done using the Linx continuous inkjet printers as well as laser coders. The selection of the appropriate product technology depends on the substrate colour, production environment and line speed.

Best before dates or batch codes can be easily printed/ coded onto any part of a bottle or can as per requirement. Our coders provide complete flexibility and enable print on bottle caps, the curved bottle surface as well as the bottom.


    Special Adherence Inks

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