Complex, anti-counterfeiting and micro character messages are usual requirements of the tobacco industry. The Linx continuous inkjet printers and laser coders meet these needs at high speeds with utmost efficiency.  Additionally, our customizable laser coding solutions, as well as specialized UV inks, help prevent product duplication and counterfeiting. Code batch identification details, production dates, logos and graphics with ease using our inkjet or laser coding solutions.

Permanent codes can be scribed onto cigarettes and tobacco packets without compromising the integrity of the packaging. Also, complex codes including barcodes, QR codes, 2D Data matrix codes and logos can be coded onto packages. Specialized high-speed coding machines are available in case of higher production speeds (compared to average).

Linx coders are flexible and can be integrated into any production line with ease. The messages can be printed in any orientation and are easy to customize thus reducing downtimes. User-friendly and intuitive the Linx coders are operator friendly and hassle-free. The wide range of machine options and customizing abilities ensure a solution for all your production needs irrespective of the substrate, line orientation or product environment and thus, can cater to any coding requirements of the tobacco industry.

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