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From Food Information regulations to rising consumer expectations, packaging in the snack foods sector has undergone some big changes in recent years.

The snack food industry has been increasing rapidly and gaining popularity. Pre-packaged food products have a list of ingredients, batch codes, identification or tracking code, and very importantly the manufacturing and best before date on them. As per regulations, these should be easily comprehensible and legible to the consumers.

In addition, to the primary packaging, brand messages, product logos, and details are coded onto secondary packaging like boxes. To avoid downtime in this industry it is critical to have a reliable coder.  Thus, a flexible industrial coder that can keep up to the fast-paced production requirements even in harsh environments is essential.

With our large character printers, you can replace the cost of customized pre-printed boxes and print large messages including barcodes and graphics. The thermal transfer overprinters can print a large number of messages onto flexible substrates like packaging films and plastics. On products, both continuous inkjet and laser coders can be used as per production requirements.

Printing traceability information can help keep track of the product path, abide by legislation, and prevent fines. Our Linx coding solutions, with their ability to print on both primary and secondary packaging, with low maintenance, error-free, and quality codes can help your business minimize downtime and save money and time.

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Has your coding kept pace with these developments?

Meet the ever-changing coding requirements of the snack food industry with Linx coding and marking solutions.

  • Cut costs and minimise downtime on your snack food production line
  • Find the right coding solution for retail-ready or secondary packaging
  • Comply with recent legislation with consistent code quality
  • Improve profitability by finding efficiencies in your coding process


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