The meat sector in UAE is an essential part of the Food Industry. Thus there are many meat productions and processing units all over the country.

For the meat and frozen foods industry, it is extremely critical that accurate coding and marking is done to ensure the meat goes through the right processes before it reaches the end-user. Time is critical for the production of the product and to preserve its freshness. Therefore quick uninterrupted movement is essential to this industry.

The products have to be stored at an optimal temperature and require permanent solutions. Furthermore, the codes have to be indelible on diverse substrate types and production targets.

Linx coders reduce the risk of recalls and help meet regulations while providing quality code.

The meat industry also involves a wide range of products of different packet sizes, stored in a production environment with high moisture. With strict regulations in terms of traceability, an accurate quality coder is important. The packaging ranges from environmental-friendly alternatives to packets for the differentiation of premium products.

Linx coding solutions provide an extensive range of options to code on a range of substrates and thus meet the diverse needs of the meat packaging and processing industry.

  • Protect your brand: Accurate coding is essential where product rework is not always possible. Linx printers deliver clear, accurate date and batch codes.
  • Quality coding solution: Legible date and batch codes at high volume production for various products and packaging types.
  • Improve your productivity: Highly reliable and efficient Linx coders maximise your Overall Equipment Effectiveness.
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We know how coding and marking equipment can play a vital role in ensuring that you protect your brand, produce a quality product and meet your targets. This is where the Linx Code can help. 

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