Be always connected to your production line by remote access and control of your industrial coding and marking machines. Linx PrinterNet enables you to monitor your coders to ensure smooth operation and running. Additionally, we can provide you technical support remotely with ease minimizing engineer visits, as well as saving costs and time.



Remote access & control

  • Access your printer remotely and control your printers using your phone, PC or tablet
  • Always know the status of your Linx printers, and know what is being printed with real-time printer monitoring
  • Measure progress of your jobs against your own targets – receive alerts if you are off -target and be able to take timely corrective action – meet your production deadlines

Be ready for job changeovers

  • Estimate when a production run is due to finish by viewing the print count remotely, enabling fast, efficient job changeovers.

Always have control

  • Have complete control of your printer whenever you need to, from anywhere, with remote printer connection.

Proactive printer support for maximum uptime

  • Real-time email notifications and fluid alerts inform you of any printers needing your attention, enabling faster reaction time and maximising uptime
  • Receive proactive communications from our Technical Support network to alert you of potential issues which could cause unplanned downtime
  • Remote diagnosis of printer issues by our Technical Support network enables more accurate and faster diagnosis, and resolution of printer issues, either by explaining over the phone, or by logging into your printer and making changes for you.

Manage your fluid supply – new to PrinterNet

  • Order fluids directly from your PrinterNet dashboard
  • Quick, easy and mistake-free fluid ordering
  • Repeat Last Order feature

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